Mark J. Rigby

Short film.

Writer & Director: Mark J. Rigby
Camera Team: Richard Bell, Ben O'Boyle & Alex Hedley
Production Manager: Bryony Jarvis-Taylor
Make-Up Artist: Wilma Stigson Lundin
On-Set Photographer: Matthew Rock
Composer: Bobby Eccles
Foley Artist: Bobby Eccles & Jack Webb
Edited by: MJR
Title Graphics by Jamie Wanstall at PRAXIMA

Steve Pinto - Soldier
Roxi Kravitz - Skarakutu
Emil Martirossian - Warrior

In March 2015 we were given access to a small arsenal of new-to-the-market camera gear - for only two days. We scrambled together a script, some locations and a small cast and crew and successfully completed the script's initial chase scene in the time available. This film showcases the result.